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Happy Hours are here again!

For our eleventh season we are putting the “happy” back into Happy Hour Chamber Concerts. We’re serving wine and snacks at our concerts, and we have increased our maximum seating capacity to 80 persons. We continue to offer on-line ticket sales through PayPal for $20, and we offer at-the-door ticket purchases for $22. However, all in-person ticket sales close if and when we reach our maximum capacity, so the only way you can be sure of having a guaranteed seat is if you purchase your tickets before the concert date. We continue to offer live-streaming of our concerts for $10; access tickets are available for purchase through this website until noon of concert day.

Facial masking is at your discretion, and there is no checking for COVID vaccination status. We do ask you to come to our concerts fully vaccinated or with a negative COVID test and, of course, symptom-free. Our policies and protocols may change in light of shifts in the pandemic, and we’ll let you know if that’s the case. Our chief goal is to keep our audience and artists safe so that we can continue to bring you the music you love.

If you want to expand the “happy” the evening of the concert, we suggest you consider adding a dinner to your itinerary. You can click here to see a list of restaurants in the vicinity of our concert venue.

We are excited about the artists who have agreed to be part of our season, and we hope that you will be able to join us for wonderful music in a great setting.



Our next concert….




Carla Sciaky, Ben Cohen,
Miriam Rosenblum, and
Sarah Biber



“A Love Affair”



A greeting from Sémplice: “In honor of the upcoming Valentine’s Day holiday, please join us as we celebrate love! From the yearning for love that is elusive to the pain of a languishing love; from a sacred prayer of loving devotion to a wordless aria of love, these Renaissance and Baroque songs of John Dowland, Abraham Casseres, Firminus Caron, Nicola Matteis, Claude de Sermisy and more, celebrate the broad sweep of the amorous. And because we always play music that we as musicians have fallen in love with, the rest of this concert’s repertoire is a musical offering of love, selections by Johann Sebastian Bach that stir our hearts. We hope they do the same for you!”

You can learn more about Carla Sciaky, Ben Cohen, Miriam Rosenblum, and Sarah Biber by clicking on their names here.

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“Come Again, Sweet Love Doth Now Invite” (1597)John Dowland (c. 1563-1626)


Aria Amorosa (1685)Nicola Matteis (fl. c. 1650-after 1713)


Sonata of 3 parts, #1 (1683)Henry Purcell (1659-1695)


Gigue from The English Suite in A minor, BWV 807 (c.  1715)Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750)


Amesiah” (c.  1730)Abraham Casseres (fl. 1718-1740)


Trio Sonata #3 in D minor for Organ, BWV 527 (c.  1730)J.S. Bach
     Adagio e dolce


“Content Desir” (1533)Claudin de Sermisy (c. 1490-1562)

“C’est Temps Perdue D’être en Amour” (15th century) Firminus Caron (fl. 1460–1475)

Mon Cueur Gist Tousjours en Langueur” (1538) de Sermisy

Content Desir” reprise


O Haupt voll Blut und Wunden” (after Hans Leo Hassler, 1729) J.S. Bach
…followed by a final surprise love song….



And then….



Carole Whitney, Sarah Biber,
Heidi Mausbach,
and Erin Patterson


“Baroque, Bass Clef, and the Bottom Line”

Cello duos and quartets from the 15th-18th centuries



Capping off the season



“The Spirit of Improvisation”

Glorious music and conversation for a wonderful season finale!

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What people are saying

  • “That was a wonderful concert – it seems the perfect format too. The timing was great too – we were able to go out after the concert, instead of having to rush through a dinner to make it in time”


  • “We find these concerts to be such a treat. They seem to help launch a few days of ease. The music is always first class and very engaging.”