May 15, 2015

Ann Marie Morgan
Yayoi Barrack


Happy Hour Chamber Concerts presents the sizzling duo of Ann Marie Morgan and Yayoi Barrack playing viols for you. Come kick off your shoes, grab a libation and some nibbles, greet your friends, and sit back as Ann and Yayoi bring you an hour of attention-grabbing solo and duo music for the viola da gamba. You’ll hear music of Jenkins, Schenk, Simpson and others.



Suite in A Minor for Two Bass Viols – John Jenkins (1592-1678)

Fantazia, Almande, Corante in D Minor for Two Bass Viols – John Hingeston (ca 1606-1683) 

Divisions on a Ground for Two Bass Viols, in G Major – Christopher Simpson (1602? -1669) 

Fire, Fire – Nicholas Lanier (1588-1666) 

So, so, leave off this last lamenting kisse – Alfonso Ferrabosco II (ca. 1575 – March 1628) 

Sonata in D Major for Bass Viol Solo (selections) – August Kühnel (1645 – ca. 1700) 

Duetto in D Minor for Two Bass Viols – Christoph Schaffrath (1709-1763)
     Poco Allegro

Click here to see Yayoi Barrack’s program notes.